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 Having a Positive Perspective Seven essential traits for living a happy life...

  • Love of Learning -an interest in acquiring new skills.
  • Creativity -trying new things just for fun and producing something surprising.
  • Humility -recognizing your own abilities and appreciating those of others.
  • Humor -being able to find something amusing even in difficult times, and helping others do so, too.
  • Persistence -working through to a goal despite obstacles.
  • Gratitude -being thankful for the things you have.
  • Forgiveness -being able to let go of hurt and anger. is a portal that brings discounts to veterans that have served our country and active members of the military. The VaKnows veteran discount directory is a growing website that is the most comprehensive place on the Internet to search for discounts. What makes VaKnows different from other similar websites on the Internet is that proceeds that are collected from this website go to purchase veterans homes and help bring them benefits that they are not receiving now currently. Please feel free to browse the website at your leisure. Thanks. was created with the purpose of connecting businesses with the Veteran’s who have faithfully served this Country. This site partners with businesses that provide a wide variety of discounts to Veterans, free of charge. This is our way of giving back to those who have given so much of themselves! Read More